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Meet Phoebe

       Phoebe is an AKC pure breed English Golden Retriever. She has all her certifications though OFA and Penn Hip. Also, Ichthyosis clear. She loves to play with sticks, eat ice, play with friends, and gets lots of belly rubs from everybody who comes around. Oh, and eating is her favorite hobby!


Meet Kari

   Kari is an AKC pure breed English Golden Retriever with OFA certified eyes and hip, elbow, heart checked. She loves to play with balls and run in the yard with friends. She is a very loving girl and Phoebe's sister so they have a close bond.

Meet Titan

   Titan is the new stud in town. He has beautiful long feathers and we can't wait to see what his pups will bring. Titan is a AKC certified English Golden Retriever. His nickname is bulldozer because he doesn't know his strength


Meet Cosmo

Cosmo is our AKC Miniature poodle. He loves everyone! He's a sweet boy and always has a big smile on. 

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